1. Accomplished Pre-baptismal form (Download Here)

2. Photocopy of Child's birth certificate 

3. Baptismal permission coming from your parish - For non-parishioners




a. For the Baby  - All white clothing with white cap 

b. For the Parents  - Please wear proper/presentable clothing.

     and Sponsors 


For Adults to be Baptized


Please be at the church 30 mins before the time to avoid delay.

Don’t forget to bring your baptismal booklets, candles and other essentials during the baptism.

Baptismal certificates from the parishes of the couple or certificates from their parents or parish priest that they had been baptized are members of their church of sect and confirmation certificates.

Please make sure that you have submitted all the necessary requirements for the baptism day before the schedule to avoid delay of recording the child's information in the book of baptism.


To inquire about requirements and schedules, please reach out to Ms. Jasmin us via our office landline. For reference on our office hours, head on to the Contact Page