Lectors and Commentators


Qualifications to Serve as a Lector





















Must Attend Activities

In order for an individual to be regarded as “truly suited” for this role, it is required that the lector be:

  • At least 17 years old but not more than 60 years old

When a candidate does not meet the age requirement, it is the prerogative of the Parish Priest to determine his/her ability and suitability to the Ministry


  • A Catholic who has received First Holy Communion and Confirmation, as well as one who leads a life of faith in keeping with the function to be assumed;
  • Reverential, respectful of his/her faith, and of good moral character;
  • Possessed of the necessary ability and talents to proclaim the Word of God in a clear, dignified, and effective manner;

If married, be in a valid marriage according to the law of the Catholic Church.

1.     Letter of Intent addressed to                    

2.     If Married - Church marriage certificate;

        Single - Baptismal certificate

3.     Confirmation certificate


1.     Basic Formation (Pasig)

2.     Annual Renewal Program

3.     Monthly Meeting every 2nd Saturday of the month

4.     Weekly Bibliarasal (Tuesdays)

5.     Basic Bible Seminar

6.     Monthly Recollection

7.     Others (required by the Parish/Diocese)